The Total Number of Cocos-BCX MainNet Accounts has exceeded 1.3 million

On March 22nd,according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain browser, The total number of MainNet Accounts of the next-generation digital game economy platform Cocos-BCX reached 1,300,201, breaking through 1.3 million. Besides above, as of now, the block height reached 20,378,377, which exceeded 20 million; the volume of block transactions reached 7,223,029, which exceeded 7 million.

At the beginning of 2021, Cocos-BCX released its new year roadmap, announcing that the total number of COCOS would be reduced from 100 billion to 100 million, and would embrace the Ethereum ecosystem to gradually start the age of empire.Meanwhile, considering following factors such as gas fee and users’ operating experience, Cocos-BCX first reached cooperation with BSC, DEGO, and Math Wallet to roll out the blockchain game ecology on BSC and then launched a product that integrates NFT and DeFi-COCOS COW. As more and more DApps, DeFis and NFTs are launched, Cocos-BCX’s ecological data in all aspects continues to grow steadily.

In order to better provide professional services to users and further internationalize the Cocos-BCX project, the official WeChat community has been migrated to the Telegram group,and we will also conduct community airdrop activities in all Telegram groups. We appreciate every user to join our Cocos-BCX official Chinese and English Telegram groups. If you have any concerns, please feel free to consult and discuss in both groups.

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