At 6:00 EST, April 30th, a new team mining pool of Cocos-BCX kicked off officially. The total staked amount exceeds 6 million. The pool will last 1 year with dividends of 120,000 COCOS tokens per month.

Recently, the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX cooperated with DEGO Finance. 8 limited COCOS NFT heroes were auctioned in DEGO’s NFT market platform Treasureland. After the auction, owners of 8 NFT heroes are qualified to create teams. They will gain more dividends in the event.

At 12:00 on April 30th (UTC), the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX has started the team mining dividends. All users participating in the mining can jointly share 120,000 COCOS every month.

Cocos-BCX team mining is composed of hero NFT holders, various other NFT stakers, and COCOS stakers. That is, through the hero NFT holder to create a team to become the captain, other users can choose a team to join the mining by casting and staking NFT or directly staking COCOS.

At present, all 8 teams have been set up. Users can choose a team for pledge mining before the…

Second Phase of Cocos-BCX MainNet Builders&Angels Incentives Plan 3.0 (For March 2021) contribution reports submission has finished, Cocos-BCX foundation has evaluated all submitted contribution reports and obtained the monthly ranking result. A total of 19 ecological Builders&Angels have submitted valid contribution reports.As a result,total of 8480 COCOS in this phase will be issued to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted valid contribution reports in accordance with their levels.

01 Evaluation and Ratings

Cocos-BCX completed the Second Phase of MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels’ Contribution Reports on April 14th , 2021.Subsequently, the Cocos-BCX Foundation conducted an independent evaluation of the contribution reports of the MainNet ecological Builders&Angels.


At the beginning of this year, Cocos-BCX, which was established in 2017 and has been developing steadily for more than three years, decided to embrace a stable and popular ecology, such as Ethereum and BSC ecology. After the decision of the council of directors, the total amount of COCOS was reduced from 100 billion to 100 million, and assets will gradually transferred to Ethereum or BSC.

Therefore, at 2:00AM on January 23, the reduction of COCOS Token has been officially completed. At the same time, considering the gas and operating experience, Cocos-BCX councilfirstly reached a series of cooperation with BSC…

At 12:00 on April 28th (UTC), the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX has officially launched the team mining. So the 8 users who got the Hero NFT through the auction can create a Team and become the captain.The team dividend will be officially opened at 12:00 (UTC) on April 30th, so 8 heroes NFT holders must create a team before the team dividend starts. If the team is not created before the team dividend, they will miss the first One-phase dividends (cycles monthly).

Please follow the tutorial to create a team for hero NFT holders:

1)Enter COCOS World【】, switch to…

Cocos-BCX will participate in the “Vitality 2021” Blockchain Ecosystem Webinar organized by Odaily (A leading Chinese blockchain-focused news outlet). Reed, Cocos-BCX Ecological Technology Contributor will deliver an NFT-themed speech at the webinar.

The “Vitality 2021” Blockchain Ecological Industry Cloud Summit will be online from 10:00 to 18:00 GMT+8, April 28. Reed’s speech will be live from 15:00 to 16:05.

the crypto market in 2021, Odaily thinks the market performance “unprecedented vitality”. In terms of price, Bitcoin hit an ATH of $60,000. In terms of the underlying technology, the exploration of the Ethereum Layer 2 is underway. …

On April 23rd at 20:00 (UTC+8), the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX launched the Heroes NFT auction, and conducted two auctions for a total of 8 NFT heroes on Treasureland on April 23rd at 20:00 (UTC+8) and April 24th at 20:00 (UTC+8) respectively. The auction lasted for 24 hours, and the heroes NFT auction officially ended on April 25 at 20:00 (UTC+8) , with the highest final bid of 106.7BNB.

At 2:00 on the morning of January 23 (UTC), the COCOS Token contraction has been officially completed, and all exchanges have resumed trading. In this reduction, the total amount of COCOS has been reduced from 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) to 100,000,000 (one hundred million).

Before the reduction, the holders with ERC20 COCOS less than 10,000 have not yet airdropped, that is, the reduction has not yet been performed. When the reduction is completed, Cocos-BCX officially launched the user self-submission mapping reduction tool and related tutorial guidance.

The Cocos-BCX mapping tool has been online for more than a year. The original…

On April 23rd, the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX furthered the cooperation with DEGO Finance. 8 NFT heroes were auctioned on Treasureland on April 23rd and April 24th respectively (4 heroes each day). After rounds of bids in the final hour, the single NFT are sold up to 106.719 BNB. The total price of 8 heroes exceeds 730 BNB (nearly $400,000).

Hero NFT owners are qualified to be Team Captains in the coming NFT Mining on April 28th. Captains will earn more by creating teams.

Dividend rules of the COCOS NFT mining:

  • COCOS NFT holders can stake NFTs to create…

At 12:00 PM on April 23rd(UTC), the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX will officially start Heroes NFT Auctions. Auctions will be taken place in Treasureland NFT Market( taken two days for bids on 4 Cocos-BCX Heroes NFT each day at 12:00 PM on April 23rd(UTC) and 12:00 PM on April 24th(UTC)(4 Heroes NFT*2=8 Heroes NFT in total). We appreciate everyone to join our auctions to win Heroes NFT. For the Heroes NFT you won from the bid, it could be used for Team NFT Mining on April 28th,and helped you to become Team Captain to receive more power.

COCOS Heroes NFT Auctions rules as below:

  • Heroes…


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